When my computer starts misbehaving I get this terrible urge to reformat and reinstall. Terrible I tell you! So terrible that it would melt the very minds of mere mortals!!! Ah, but I digress. Some of this is because of a long relationship with Windows, I am sure, but I also think that in some way I am trying to punish it for playing silly buggers. And oh what a punishment it must be.

I got my Mac up and running yesterday, no problem. I took forever but apart from that it worked like a charm. I just had to install rEFIt again and I could boot Mac and Windows just like I used to. Only, I had to try and mess with my partitions in an attempt to get a little more space for Windows and then I fucked it up.

So, now I am writing again. Waiting for OS X to finish installing. Waiting for my old Lappy while it’s burning a copy of Windows. But most of all, I am waiting to see if my Windows will activate again. There is no reason for it not to, it is completely legit, but I am still worried though. I don’t really know what to do if it doesn’t.